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About Fields Wine Company

Fields Wine Company AB is one of the fastest growing wine importers in the Swedish market.

Founded in 2016 we are a relatively young company yet with vast business experience and founders emerging from key positions in the trade. Since the start we have already accomplished great things together with our partners by positioning some of the market-leading products in their respective segments. That said we are just getting started.

Fields Wine Co is covering the full range of business development, brand building, supply chain and market intelligence and offers the best setup and know-how in the business to launch and create as well as maintain and grow brands in the Swedish market. We have a solid financial setup with full freedom to act independently in the true interest of the brands engaged.

The company believes in a 100% Monopoly focus with the potential to reach the entire market through one sales channel. Naturally, we offer long term relations with the responsible Monopoly buyers and category managers.

Fields Wine Co is all about making your brand become the best it could be in our market.

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